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Links to Companies and Organizations I Recommend


Visit the Alaska Bowhunting Supply Website, Home of the GrizzlyStikGrizzlyStik

GrizzlyStik offers the most effective arrow and broadhead system available to bowhunters anywhere! Set yourself up for success with the GrizzlyStik System.

If you take your bowhunting seriously and are looking for the best bowhunting gear for anything in North America or trophy big game and dangerous game around the world, visit today.



Visit the

G. Fred Asbell has been involved in traditional archery for decades. His magazine articles, books and DVD on instinctive shooting for traditional archers have influenced more bowhunters in our generation than any other. His "Stalking and Stillhunting" book is now a ground hunters classic. It's filled with real life bowhunting experiences where mistakes were made and lessons learned. G. Fred is a true traditional bowhunter and a gifted story teller.

At you'll find fine wool garments, blankets, knives, sheaths, G. Fred Asbell's DVD and books, as well as information on his shooting schools. Keep checking back to find new items that have been added to the weekly specials section.

Check them out, visit today.

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Lettin' Loose DVD

Great bowhunting DVD you can order on their site, Click Here to Visit -

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Visit Morrison Archery

Bob Morrison is one heck of a bowyer and he's a great guy to boot. His foam core carbon recurve limbs are especially impressive. Pictures are worth 1000 words so if you'd like to check out some beautiful bows that are awesome shooters, visit his website.

Visit today.


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Visit Pine Hollow Longbows

Mike Yancey is a master bowyer specializing in self bows and sinew backed bows. He hunts all over the country with primitive bows and primitive firearms. You can book hunts with and through Mike for an assortment of game. He teaches many bow building classes and will even travel to your location to teach a class. He recently produced an excellent DVD called, "Building the Sinew Backed Bow" and his website is filled with primitive archery supplies, and trapping supplies. Mike is also a professional trapper and he offers most of the products that he uses because he knows they work.

Mike Yancey is the real deal, if you have questions, give him a call, but first, check out his website:


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Visit St. Joe River Bows

David and Tracey Balowski live traditional archery. Tracey is one of the only female bowyers in the country producing bows commercially. Their one of a kind, handcrafted custom longbows and recurves are beautiful. They're great folks to deal with.

Their slogan is: “Join the St. Joe River Bows family in the fastest growing family sport - Archery!”

To learn more about their bows, bow finish and other products check out their website:


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Visit Traditional Bowhunter Magazine Online

Check out Traditional Bowhunter® Online, where you can communicate with many like-minded folks who love everything about traditional bows and hunting with them. Many areas are free and all are welcome to browse through the Products in the shopping area and events on the Calendar. Some areas may require a membership, such as TradSpace™ (like MySpace for traditional bowhunters) the Campfire Forums, Photo Galleries, Classified Ads or adding an event to the Calendar, but we offer a FREE membership for that. If you're looking for an online traditional archery community where you can learn and share, check out today.


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Visit TradGang Traditional Archery Forum is 100% totally devoted to traditional bowhunting. The 3 goals of are as follows ...

1. To offer a public access website for those that love the sport of hunting with traditional archery equipment - i.e., selfbows, longbows, and recurves.
2. To create a friendly atmosphere to all. Dedicated to the discussion of all topics that relate to traditional bowhunting.
3. To support traditional bowhunting and archery manufacturers, vendors, services and organizations - good folks that have their hearts and souls poured into the sport.
Expect to be respected if you decide to join the gang, because the rule of respect is held highest of the few rules that apply. has a zero tolerance for disrespect directed to anyone. If you want to disagree, then please do so in an adult manner. Debate is healthy, as one sword sharpens another, but it must be done in an honorable fashion. If you're looking for an online traditional archery forum where you can learn, share, and even buy and sell, check out today.


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