Welcome to the Todd Smith Company

Welcome to the Todd Smith CompanyWelcome to the Todd Smith Company

What We Do

We offer professional marketing services, specializing in businesses involved with the great outdoors. Bowhunting, traditional archery, primitive archery, earthskills, and the outdoor industry in general are a particular area of expertise for us. Our services help businesses bring products to market, advertise, and grow.

We use proven industry best practices to help our clients realize their goals. Whether you're well established or just getting started, if you're ready to gain momentum and push your business forward, let's talk.

When you work with the Todd Smith Company, you’re working directly with me and sometimes, depending on the scope of your project, carefully selected strategic partners.

When I take on a new client, we work together closely. No one knows your business like you do. Controlled growth is a challenge but with strategic planning and teamwork we can achieve impressive results.

Our Services: Social Media management and content, podcast recording-editing and management, graphic design, magazine ads, Internet banner ad creation, catalogs, brochures, copy writing, press releases, email marketing campaigns, photography, image correction, video filming and editing, website content management and some website development. 

If you're looking to grow your business, send me an email: we can discuss and implement strategies to help you get where you want to be.

Our Clients

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 GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and their ultra-sharp broadheads are a deadly system that has proven itself on all big game - all around the world. 

GrizzlyStik carbon arrows are tapered from the point end all the way to the tail end. Since 1994 these full-length tapered arrows have been proving the benefits of high FOC (Forward Of Center) percentages and have shown that when tipped with their tough-sharp single bevel broadheads that they can split the heaviest of bone. If you're looking for an arrow and broadhead system that can take all big game under all circumstances, check out the GrizzlyStik system today!

Great Northern Bowhunting


Great Northern Bowhunting

 Great Northern Bowhunting is well known for their exquisite hand crafted custom longbows and recurves as well as their extensive line of Professional  bow quivers. These versatile quivers come in; strap-on, bolt-on, and over-the-shoulder versions. Lightweight and easy-on, easy-off, they're legendary in traditional archery circles. The wires carry a lifetime guaranty. 

Asbell Wool


Asbell Wool

 Asbell Wool is owned by Teresa and G. Fred Asbell. They offer a vast selection of products for the outdoor enthusiast. From Teresa's popular hand made wool jackets, anoraks, and the ever popular Pathfinder to Fred's traditional archery books and DVD. Knives, sheaths, hats, men's and woman's apparel - an much much more. If you're into the outdoors - there's good stuff waiting for you there.  

Pine Hollow Longbowst


Pine Hollow Longbows

Pine Hollow Longbows has been serving the primitive archery community for over 20 years! Mike Yancey is a well known master-bowyer, arrow builder, bowhunter, trapper, teacher, father, and more. If you're interested in purchasing or building your own self bow, Pine Hollow longbows is your best stop. They carry top quality staves, lumber, tools, adhesives, snake-skins, and Mike even offers bow making classes. Primitive archery supplies, trapping supplies, books, videos, classes, it's all there. Pine Hollow Longbows is your primitive archery headquarters.

Shrew Bows


Shrew Bows

Ron LaClair is a mountain man through and through. He's also an innovator and someone you'd want on your side if things ever got sketchy. His Shrew bows were the first sub-compact highly deflexed and reflexed longbows to ever hit the market. These highly sought after bows are now available on Ron's website as well as various knives, hatchets, sheaths, quivers, arrows and other sundries suitable for a man of the woods.

Side Note:  If you have an older HTML website that you're updating with an ftp program, I can help you with that too. Shrew Bows is an example of an older website built long ago that the client simply wants to have updated now and again. He does not want a newer more modern website. If that's where you are, I can help. 

Graphic Design


Graphic Design

 If you need graphic design work done for catalogs, website or social media images, magazine ads, or any other reason, let us know. We've created many of the ads found in Traditional Bowhunter Magazine and the banner ads found on We've worked with the following companies creating print ads, brocures, catalogs, online ads, or other graphic design.


Kustom King Archery

Asbell Wool

Neet Archery Products

Brownell Archery

Tuffhead Broadheads

Big Jim's Bow Company

Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

Selway Archery

St. Joe River Bows

Thunderbird Archery

Pine Hollow Longbows

Great Northern Bowhunting

Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Rhino Products

Spinrite Cresters

Homer Ocean Charters

Cedar Ridge Leatherworks

David Petersen's Books

For Sale: Traditional Bowyer - More Unnecessary Fun


Learn Bowbuilding from a Master

The most complete book on building the laminated bow ever published.  

THE book of traditional bow making!

More than 700 pages of bow-building know-how and expertise!

Written by Jack Harrison, its a gold mine of traditional archery how-to, bow theory, and general information. This comprehensive book covers building the longbow in great detail with tons of pictures along the way making the information easy to understand. If you're interested in building one-piece or 2-piece take-down laminated traditional bows, this is the book for you.


Learn Bow Design

Jack Harrison understands the science behind the design of traditional bows. You will learn how to design high performance limbs that are super smooth in the draw but shoot your arrows hard and true without handshock. The information in this book will take years off your learning curve. Everything you need to know about building one-piece and two-piece take downs is shared in this amazing book about building traditional longbows.


Take-Down Longbow

Learn how to make a 2-piece take-down longbow. Jack Harrison mastered the two-piece take-down sleeve and it's all covered in his book. How to set up the bow, but it, keep everything in alignment, and ensure a tight but easy to take apart and put back together bow. Once you use a take-down bow, you'll never want to shoot a one-piece again. The versatility is perfect whether you travel to distant places for your bowhunting or stay close to home. 

For Sale: Traditional Bowyer - More Unnecessary Fun


Step by Step Directions

You'll learn what makes a good bow - and how to build a good bow. Everything you need to know about the entire process is in there, as well as stories to illustrate the learning process the author when through himself as he learned the craft of making high performance longbows.


Tools, Techniques & Time Saving Tricks of the Trade

Jack Harrison shares the process in amazing detail. He reveals all the best tools for all the different steps, special techniques, jigs, and other insights as well as many time saving tricks of the trade that even many seasoned bowyers don't know.


Start to Finish

Jack shows in detail how to get the perfect fit of your leather grips for your bows too. Sanding, filling, staining, sealing - you'll learn it all and get the exact names of all the products used in the entire process.

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To order this one of a kind bowbuilding book by Jack Harrison, simply send a PayPal payment for $65.00 to 

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*Get FREE Media Mail Shipping to all addresses in the continental United States. 

(Shipping is available outside the United States - but since this book weighs nearly seven pounds it must ship Priority Mail and that runs about $65.00 just in the postage. You are also responsible for all VAT, taxes, duties, or any other fees your country charges for  imported books.)

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